How To Care For HD Lace Wigs?

How To Care For Luvme Hair HD Lace Wigs?

Proper Storage

Once you are done wearing your wig in a day, proper storage will help it last longer. Remove the wig and place it on a mannequin head to prevent hair cracking and tangling. While you might want to opt for braid and ponytails at night, the best alternative is taking it off to store properly.

In addition, your wig will be ready immediately in the morning without the need for extra combing.

Detangle Before Washing

You need to be careful while detangling your wig avoid using a regular comb to avoid damage. Use combs specially made for wigs or a wide-tooth comb to keep your HD lace wigs safe. At the same time, you take your time to brush to reduce shedding.

Avoid Hard Cleansers

While cleansers help keep your wig clean, you must avoid hard cleansers. This is because it can do your wig more harm than expected. In addition, your wig is not like your natural hair; it does not have a natural source of moisture.

So, there is a need for proper moisturizing to prevent dryness. To ensure this, use sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos for effective and safe cleaning.

Reduce Washing Cycle

One mistake you must avoid in your wig maintenance is repeatedly washing since it differs from your natural hair. You should only wash it three times a month if you often wear the wig. However, if it is not a wig you wear regularly, you can wash it once a month. The number of times you wash your wig will affect its longevity.

Use Cold or Warm Water

You can’t avoid washing your wig; however, you need to avoid washing it in hot water. Advisably, use cold or warm water to soak the wig; once you’re done soaking the wig, take it out and apply shampoo.

Next, you can use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the shampoo. Return to the water and repeat the process for thorough cleaning. You must be gentle with washing to avoid tears and ensure the hair is in the same direction.

Avoid High Temperatures

Long exposure to heat harms your wig; therefore, if you want your wig to stay for a long time, avoid high temperatures. This is also applicable when drying your wig; allow it to dry naturally without blowing dry. Also, you should try to style your wig without a hair straightener or hairdryer as much as possible.


How Long Do HD Lace Wigs Last?

How long your wig will last depends on hair quality, maintenance, and lifestyle. If you buy a low-quality wig, its service will not be long. However, a high-quality HD lace wig lasts 6 months and a year. In addition, if you maintain your HD lace wig, i t will last for a longer time.

The maintenance process might seem delicate and stressful, but it will offer you value for your money. Lastly, how often you wear a wig determines its useful lifespan.

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