12 Fashionable Brunch Outfit Ideas to Make the Cafe Your Runway

I’m not sexy enough for this brunch.

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. What about you? You’re probably headed to a patio that is Instagram-worthy for brunch or drinks with friends. This is the time of year where everything tastes better outdoors. The fashion is no exception. I’ll take your sweaters and scarves, but I prefer the matching sets and flowy dresses.

Spring brunch outfits have their own fashion category. These are clothes that were made to go with checkerboard-tiled tablecloths, umbrella-distracted sunshine and vine-covered wall. The good news is? The good news is that our editors know how to swap out their home-office outfits, and turn a patio into runway.

table covered with persimmons as a centerpiece for brunch

What should you wear to a brunch event?

There is no dress code for brunch. However, many people choose casual chic clothing that is both comfortable and stylish enough for enjoying a pancake. You can wear jeans, sneakers and even leggings. As with any social gathering, choose something that you like. Brunch is a great opportunity to play around with your style. We’ve got some ideas for you if you don’t know where to begin.

Here are 12 brunch outfits to copy. From highballs to bellinis, you can wear them all.

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woman wearing light blue dress taking mirror selfie


A Breezy Blue Dress

I think you won’t find anything better than an outfit that only requires one decision. Dresses, jumpsuits, and other outfits are great for reducing the amount of decisions you have to make each day. That’s how I explain the sheer number of dresses in my wardrobe. Camille’s dusty-blue dress has become a favourite because it looks as a top and skirt, but it is actually the easiest dress to wear.

brunch outfit idea: woman in matching gingham set with cowboy boots
brunch outfit idea: woman in matching gingham set with cowboy boots

Matching Gingham Set with Cowboy Boots

Although I don’t usually gravitate towards orange tones, this new season has inspired me to try something new. The wayf set was perfect for my curvy figure. I knew it had be mine. These old boots? I’ve owned these exact boots since 13 years, and I think they’ll see a lot more wear this year.5 OF 14

tank top

Linen Top + Wide-Brimmed Hat

Brandy nail the tonal dress. Monochrome is always chic. Flowers and a hat are also nice.

brunch outfit ideas: woman in white eyelet dress by everlane

black clogs

Eyelet Dress + Chunky Cloathes

Isabelle proves that mixing unexpected styles can be fun and interesting. She paired a feminine eyelet dress, which is currently on sale, with a heavy and funky shoe. This is like the transition from winter to spring in real life.7 OF 14

blazer (similar)

Short + Blazer Combo With Strappy Sandals

It’s brunch time, and neutrals are a must. It could be the colorful food and seasonal pairing. Maybe it’s the fact that neutral tones are chic at all times. Michelle’s playful outfit with the strappy shoes is the perfect combination for a celebratory breakfast (and definitely vacation-approved).

woman wearing grey midi t-shirt dress with baseball cap and sneakers


Casual Midi Dress with Baseball Cap

Brunch is my favorite meal. It’s a relaxed affair. You know those sunny mornings where you get out of bed, throw on an outfit that will last all day? Camille’s T-shirt Dress is a perfect example. Put on shoes, a hat, and you’re ready to embrace the Sporty Spice look.

woman in blue denim set with lime green bag


A Tonal Outfit with White Sneakers, a Colorful Purse and a Bag

This whole look was on Target (!!) I am obsessed. This is a t-shirt with pants, but the shirt can easily be worn as a denim coat. The all-blue outfit with the lime green pop? I’m going to copy it right away.

spring brunch outfit idea denim jumpsuit pink mules

pink mules

Dress up a jumpsuit with pink mules

Listen, denim jumpsuits are a must-have for any season. This jumpsuit is easy to dress up and down. Pair these pink mules with a chain necklace to create a brunch look.

spring brunch outfit idea denim dress cowboy boots

mid boots

Coastal Cowgirl Jean Dress and Mid-Boots

The coastal cowgirl is a hot trend this season. I am convinced she is the southwestern grandma of coastal style. Boots will be a must-have in your wardrobe this season. (Have I convinced you?). Denim is back, but this time as a dress. This will give you a classic look. Brunch first, then two-step at the end. Not a bad Saturday.

casual spring brunch outfit idea denim shorts striped shirt

relaxed polo shirt

Casual Baggy Jeans + Polo

I think this might be my new weekend outfit. You can move around in the jeans, and the nautical polo is just calling for a ponytail. Maybe I’ll switch the polo with a romantic top. You can pair it with your favorite tote after you’ve had a few mimosas.

crewneck tee

Classic High-Waist Jeans with a Tee

We’ve rounded up the pieces you’ll be wearing again and again, through each season: the Levi’s Jeans, which make your butts look like peaches, and the Bottega Drop Earring Dupes, that, if you haven’t seen them already, you’ll soon see.

woman wearing pink sezane jumpsuit

The Statement Jumpsuit

Every brunch should have a girl wearing a coral-colored jumpsuit. You can be that girl. Bring color and fun to your table. This beauty is so colorful and tailored that you can’t but smile.

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